Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My Christmas and it's sounds....

After distressing time finding a ferry within 2 days of travel after the original ferry went bankrupt, my parents were relieved to be in UK. Over Christmas I had my parents visiting for a week well it feels much shorter than that as it seems to go by so quick. They were staying with friends. Between visiting friends/relatives, My parents had been to my house doing odd jobs around the house. I told them, the bedroom door squeaks, they both looked quite surprised. I had the house for 2 years and the door had been squeaking the whole time. Since I had the implant, it bothers me... so I asked for advice as I never oiled a door before! Petroleum jelly was their advice... now I have quiet house! They also filled the car up with their stuff thay they left behind in Feb as there was no room on the removal lorry! And few english essentials like proper tea bags, marmite, mustard etc. Sadly, They only stayed for a week as they was worried about their home in Austria! They are worried about their roof caving in, as they have so much snow! The first pic is the terrace, about 3 ft snow. Another picture shows my Dad shovelling the snow!!

Since the Christmas festive began, I now can hear the gate outside slamming, it's about 20 yards from my front door. We had few bad carol singers, Yes, I noticed that too. I use my old excuse, "pardon me, I didn't hear that as i am deaf" smiling sweetly and wished them Merry Christmas.

On Xmas day, My brother Stephen and I went to our parents friend's house where we meet our Grandmother. We had wonderful brilliant dinner! It was huge and so nice!, we were so full and couldn't move much! I heard the crackers, champange fizzing.
First picture was the layout for Xmas dinner, there were 9 of us plus 2 dogs. 2nd picture is our grandmother, she's wonderful. 3rd were Stephen and I deep in conversation after opening our presents. Notice Stephen's purple cast, he broke his wrist ice skating!

We didn't open our presents until we had our dinner! My parents and Stephen loved the presents I gave them, my Dad got shirt and pullover, my mum got top and a cardigan, they badly need some clothes as they lost weight working on their house/garden in Austria. Stephen got ipod snuffle. My dog Boris got a honking soft toy Duck which the honk lasted 20-30 mins and he disemboweled it 2 days later! He also got squeaky ring which lasted about few seconds. I got pretty much what I wanted for Xmas, My parents and Stephen being here which would have been enough for me, I also got Ski helmet, monies (I have bought first item, curtains for my bedroom), home made jams/chutneys, chocolates, socks, photo in a frame of my 2 best friends Rosie and Ric.

Overall it was very good Xmas. I hope you all had good one too.

Monday, 8 December 2008

CI Moment...

On friday I had the house cleaned top to bottom as my cousin Catherine and her husband Reino was staying for the weekend. Catherine's father who's my Dad youngest brother came "home" from South Africa on a business trip. I haven't seen Uncle Simon for 7 years and Catherine haven't seen him for about 3 years, Reino hasn't yet met his Father in law! He was nervous! Simon only had few days and he was staying at my grandparents not too far from me. So it makes sense that Catherine and Reino to stay with me.
On sat we had almost half the family gathering (Grandparents, my father's 2 brothers, and 2 sisters and their halfs, Catherine, reino and i) for a lunch and tea. it was great afternoon as I could communicate much easier this time round. I also texted to my mum to let her know that we are having Gathering (Mum and dad lives in Austria). The house phone rang, It was my father.

Right..... I had my first phone conversation with my father using my CI! this is long distance phone call and the line was bad as their house is up in the cloud (they live surrounding the mountians) I got.....

Me :- Hello dad,
Dad :- Hello Charlotte
Me:- How are you?
Dad:- I am fine thank you. How are you?
Me:- I am very well thank you

Then it started to go garbled i think it's when i got nervous or somewhat excited!... I gave the phone back to Simon.

I am so pleased that i spoke to dad, i was quite disappointed with his incommunication while i was staying with him back in october cos he was so scared of hurting me, I hope this brief conversation had given him some confidence, looks like this is way forward for both of us as I am daddy's girl and i miss talking to him. He and mum is coming home in few weeks for christmas and i am looking forward to see them so much.

How's tat for my ci moment!! I never really heard on the phone due to rubbish at picking up words. This time it was quite clear!

Cat, Reino and i had great weekend it was so sad to see Cat/Reino heading back to london. Thanks Cat for those fattening chocolates and hope you won't catch my cold which happened on sunday morning.

Love you both, Cat and Reino. And you too Mum and dad.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Beep Beep

I heard this sounds, though bugger the Processor is playing up again! So i checked the LCD... it showed H1 = which means Battery low, YES, finally heard the beeping warning to let me know that the batteries is low which gave me ample of time to change the batteries. My Batteries runs out approx every 4 days now, I have started to take ALOT of batteries with me everywhere! I have 2 packets in my locker at work, One in my pocket, One in my bag, one in the car, one at the yard in my horse's trunk (box), there's few packets in Austria.