Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's day, Mum

Hi Mum, Hope you are having great day and dad is spoiling you for us (my brother and I) I am sorry I couldn't be there with you but I am there in spirit. I appreciate your help over the years and I love you (and dad) very much. Hope you are coming back in UK for a visit soon.

Since it's Mother's Day today in UK, I attempted to call my mum, sadly the phone weren't loud enough so I had to text her instead.

Few days ago I was annoyed by response of the sensory centre who helps deaf/HOH people to test out phones. My cochlear implant recommended me and a friend also a CI user to the sensory centre. We arrived there expecting to try at least one phone but left without trying ONE phone. The lady said we need phone! and they are sorting this out with my CI centre, why would my CI centre tell us to go there without "phone training" also this is very first we had heard of and the CI centre never mentioned this. So we have to wait until at least April for our appointment. I so wanted to get the phone that I can use/hear well/clarity is clear enough so I could call my mum on her Mother's day as I know this would make her day. Oh well... Never mind, there's next year, mum.

On good note I am picking up alot of new sounds....

I can hear my mobile phone ringing in the next room!!!

I have the pleasure of hearing my beloved dog Boris tags jangling while we are out walking. This gave me chance to keep walking knowing his whereabouts up to about 30 feet without looking, if the jangling stops, I would check for him. Pre Implant I was always looking around and keeping eye on Boris, I was frightened for his safety.

Yesterday, We were playing ball. I threw a ball over towards to the pavement, Boris ran so fast and stopped on the pavement.. I could hear him skidding on the pavement... owwwiieee!! that must be painful, I checked his paws... tough little bugger was fine!

I can tell the difference between different bird singing.. Magpies, Jays, Crow, but having difficulty identifying black bird, blue tit their singing is very high and sound similar. I walk around the park hearing all those singing at ease, no struggling to listen.

So far I had same mapping since before I went to Austria more than 2 months ago, it does need tiny tweaking but I think I would settle for this mappings until Mid May when I go for my 9 month tune up, But I don't think I need much of tune up.

Mum's cherry tree had bloomed, daffodils had come out and it had been really beautiful and sunny all week. Hope this would continue next week as I am off to Centre Parc for long weekend.