Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 and reflection of 2000's

Goodness me the last 10 years had gone so quick,

It wasn't that long after I left 16 years of full time education (12 in school and 4in College)

Exactly 10 years ago last night, In Morzine, France. I was skiing down the mountains at stroke of midnight holding flame torch just wearing my shorts and tee shirt, it was freezing cold but the sky was so clear, we were celebrating the millennium, we could see the fireworks going off in the village from middle of the mountain!

Went on first ever solo holiday in San Francisco and Los Angeles! I just said mum (When I had bad bout of tonsillitis and were completely exhausted) I need a holiday then few weeks later I was on the plane to the unknown. Coming home was bit of nightmare as I missed the flight by alot of hours! Sorry, mum!

Selected to join 16 amateurs and one professional skipper on world's toughest yacht race, raced round the world against 11 other boats. I was the only deaf and one of the youngest in entire fleet of 250 crews and it was emotional, physical but exhilarating trip, we were placed 3rd over all. Whilst racing round the world, I explored 5 wonderful countries, the States, South America, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

Visited deaf schools in Boston and Wellington telling them about my experiences.

Got job in the sailing industry and loved it.

I took my best friend who never had holiday without her family on memorable trip to New York just 8 short months after 9/11, The scenery and smell were unforgettable. We also went to Niagara falls and Toronto. We had brilliant time, Rosie got the travelling bug after this trip.

2006 I finally flew the nest at age of 28!!

Had horses, I lost both, one was a feisty Anglo Arab called Remy, in 2003 and one a gentle giant ex racehorse, Buck, in 2009, I miss them but don't miss the cold mornings of getting up so early to sort them out before I start my day, don't miss the mud! I won't have another one at the moment, I don't have the time or money for them. I will have another one (more likely another ex racehorse) one day.

In 2006 I gained a new member of my family, Boris, a little white jack Russell, he joined my old cat and I. Yes, the old cat, Misty is still alive and kicking, she is 16 this year she may look bit bedraggled and slightly greyer/whiter but she still got her springs!

Is on third car in 10 years.

I had my cochlear implant switched on 20-08-2008 and it had been roller coaster ride but now as it improves as I gain confidence in listening. It also enabled me to join the blogging world, with this CI I gained so many new friends (cyber or real) worldwide, asked for advice, gave advice and generally became good (I hope) member of the community.

Just recently I had few brief conversations with my mum on the phone which I never did all my life! Had list of firsts but my favourties were the bird singing, my 15 year old cat meow, my beloved Buck wickering at some distance away, I still listen for Boris' collar tags jangling every time we go for walk.

Enrolled into college last September to become learning support assistant - L.S.A, I have been helping out at deaf school and mainstream school with deaf unit helping the children with maths and literacy, I had awesome fun and look forward to going back to school next Monday! I am doing very well with my assignments/college course, my tutor have no doubts at all.

Cooked my first ever xmas dinner for me and my brother, and it came out brilliant.

Here's to another 10 years.... I know it going to be very busy 2010!!