Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New yEar

I had a CI moment few days ago, after all those snow we had, for the first time in very long time, we had a VERY thick fog, the type we couldn't see the rear lights of a car unless you are right behind it, very scary while driving!
I was walking my dog, as I live quite near to a very busy cruise/shipping docks. I heard a low deep groan, I couldn't think for one minute what that sound were coming from... then it sounded again at one minute intervals, I realised it was the fog horn! I have not heard one before unless it's right next to my ear. The docks/shipping lanes/light house are at least a mile away. I think I need my super ears tuned!!

Yesterday, after New years eve party at a hearing friends house, We didn't go to sleep until 4.30 in the morning, my friends needed to leave at 7.30 to feed their horses, they had made lots of vibration which woke me up! So I woke up, packed and left the house in my PJ's in hope no one would notice me driving in my PJ's. The CI was in my PJ's pocket. When I arrived home I quickly took the dog for walk, yep in my PJ's, there were not a soul in the park thank goddess for that. Came home, did bits pieces, had breakfast, had lunch, couldn't sleep so I took the dog for a walk round the park again in my PJ's, had a bath threw my PJ's in the wash and put my clean PJ's on. At 4.30 pm, I crashed out on the sofa, woke up at 8pm as I was hungry, I had bite to eat and turned the washing machine on which I forgot earlier, then I thought, my CI must have a flat battery, I proceed to move my hand on my head and thought, jeez where's the CI? then looked at the washing machine remembering earlier the morning I put it in my PJ pocket. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH it's in the washing machine... oh man, I can't turn it off since it won't drain water which is already full, so I left it and prayed for miracle. When the cycle had stopped, I frantically looked for it, I couldn't find it, heart thumping... where is it?.. where is it?... I am really good with looking after my CI and I must be very sleep deprived if I cannot remember what I have done with my CI... Trying to think very hard where I put it, Zephyr box - nope, bathroom - nope, dog's mouth - nope, Texted my friend to look for it in her house! Looked in the car, it was on the dash board..... I must have sub consciously put it there for safe keeping since PJ's pocket didn't have a zip or a button to keep it secure. Right, panic over.

Happy New year to my afar and close by family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read your blog. I can just see you and Boris trotting round the park in PJ's.
Panic/comic? um fine dividing line.
I was smiling at the situation you as are so good with the CI normally so whilst I was reading I knew it would turn up ok! Combined with the PJ's it would make a good comic strip!
Happy new year to all CI users.

mum x